What is Inhabit Place

Inhabit Place is a tool to monitor and evaluate public space. As our public realm increasingly becomes the stage for our social interactions it is critical that we understand how to design them for a sustainable, safe and prosperous future. Inhabit Place provides that understanding.

Public spaces are all places publicly owned or of public use, accessible and enjoyable by all for free and without a profit motive. Public spaces are a key element of individual and social well-being, the places of a community’s collective life, expressions of the diversity of their common, natural and cultural richness and a foundation of their identity.’  (United Nations Charter of Public Space) 

Inhabit Place allows the systemic, cost-effective and reliable collection and analysis of data through an easy use application of place auditing.

The application documents and reports observational data, through interactions with the space and its visitors to understand their experience. It enables smooth and standardised data collection that generates easy to read reports for wide dissemination and transparent accounting. 

Crucially, Inhabit Place creates these datasets from real, on the ground interaction and observation. The data collected contains a level of detail and intuitive understanding that digital and desktop services cannot match.

Inhabit Place data supports place stakeholders to make informed improvements to place that benefit the health, happiness and economic stability of our neighbourhoods.

Inhabit Place is for governments working with public funds, developers committed to design excellence and private businesses looking to create the best outcomes for their premises and community.

What is Inhabit Place

"...Place auditing conducted by Inhabit Place gave our team such valuable insights into how those chosen locations were used and perceived by the community. That information has gone into several planned activations for those sites and contributed greatly to the CBD Place Plan...incredibly valuable”.

Program Coordinator Place Management at Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council